We are a well-funded startup of digital mercenaries creeping silently in the shadows to slay an epic project for one of the most powerful forces in augmented reality!

We are masterfully trained in the electronic arts with a combined nerd experience that has published 20+ video games (many of which have been in the App Store Top 10). We've killed it on projects for Disney, Pixar, Nickelodeon, Mattel, Niantic, MTV, and even made our own board game. We are bringing together our keyboard-wielding, mouse-flipping skills to create NERD NINJAS. These skills will be used on a top secret project to bring millions of simultaneous active players around the globe together for an exciting new game that merges the real world with a virtual one.

And we are looking for a few similarly-souled individuals to join our cause.


As a startup, we are looking for ninjas who:


Currently we are seeking ninjas with black belts in Server Engineering, Unity Development, Creative Direction, UI / UX Graphic Design, 3d Modeling, & Animation.